‘What’s in it for me?’

“ I AM”

The work with Alchemical Hypnosis will drastically and beautifully change your life. 

The impact even a single session can have is profound. This work retrieves your magical child, connects you with wisdom and knowledge unique to you and all your collected lives lived. Cementing the realization that you are an eternal being. In essence, creating “The elixir of immortality” through inner work. Knowing and understanding your cycles of life from birth to death is a huge accomplishment and takes the fear of death itself out of your mind and heart. That is life giving. To be able to discern higher guidance from ego is another gift you will receive from this work with soul alchemy. Transmutation of any kind and properly facilitated ego integration doesn’t have to be a terrible experience; It is rewarding to find yourself falling in love with your Self. That is one of the greatest gifts a human can receive through this alchemical path, although it doesn’t always happen to our expectations concerning time, as Spirit does not operate in linear time. The universe seems to have a sense of humor, so we should too.

“The universe is mental in the mind of the ALL” the Kybalion

Working with Alchemical Hypnosis provides revolutionary healing to the collective with every step you take on your individual journey. Your self-healing journey heals the collective and raises humanity’s frequency altogether. So you not only heal yourself but also have a profound impact on the healing in the world. Healing is no selfless act. Still, no dream of yours is too big or too small for this work of Soul Alchemy.

This work can support the first thing you have on your mind when you wake up in the morning.

Whether it’s a new job, relationship, losing weight, new possibilities of any kind. It can help you see all your fear programming that you have received from your lived experience so far. The fear of failure, success, the fear of playing small, the fear of being too much or too little. All programs of lack and scarcity. Lack of self responsibility, lack of love and connection, blaming others for your life’s outcome. This work illuminates your blind spot, checks your integrity and conditions you to provide yourself with what you need internally. Self Sustained, your happiness is an inside job and this work can condition you to be ethereally fit for your life’s journey through all realms; free from the programmed duality that we are only able to make limited changes to our life. We have many other realms to explore and connect to. In this work the subconscious mind is our workspace. 

All your memories, traumas, creative ideas come from the same place in your subconscious. That’s why this work is so effective. Here we don’t just talk about an issue, complex or fear, we can affect it with the help of this interactive process. We can hold communications here that are simply not possible with the waking mind. Conversations with people who have passed away may be necessary, and are only possible on the spirit plane. Together, we can safely bypass our waking analytical mind and get to the place deep in your inner world where the truth resides. Exploring and examining contracts and destiny, karmic debt and atonement, we get the context you need to be able to say: I truly know and love myself.  With your consent and utmost feeling of safety we travel to the realms your Higher self takes us, to process exactly what is needed at the time of the sessions.

We can make plans and intend an approach in our pre-session interview, here spirit has its own unique non linear time and often presents just the amount of intensity the client can handle.

One of the fundamental guidelines for this work is to be flexible and open to what spirit will offer in the sessions for you. There is beauty in that unknown. It builds trust over time between you and your higher self.

Spirit loves you unconditionally and is constantly trying to provide healing and growth by sending you messages through dis ease, failures and successes. All messages from Spirit, as subtle or severe as they may be, are important data to improve your life.Through this work you can find out everything you need to know to reset your path or cure your soul sickness for good. Who is done healing and wants to start living in joy? Alchemical Hypnosis can provide the thread you need to weave your living dream into the awakened state of your highest Soul potential.

I invite you to be curious and wander off into the realms of your possibilities with Alchemical Hypnosis.