Alexa has facilitated me many times. As a ceremonialist who facilitates journey work, I was blown away by how quickly, effectively, and comfortably Alexa lures you into a hypnotic state that feels safe and natural.

In my first session with Alexa, she led me to a time in my early life where I was able to rescue myself from childhood events that caused deep trauma. In the timeframe of one session, I was able to unwind and resolve a lifetime of pain and dysfunction caused by these events.

Since then, I’ve had several sessions with Alexa where one by one we resolve past traumas and gain powerful clarity and information from my spirit guides and allies and from my own individual archetypal energies.

Since I began working with Alexa I have found that the benefits have been too numerous to list. From developing a deeper understanding of my guides and how to work with them to healing an autoimmune disorder to transforming self-destructive behavior patterns, Alexa always leads me exactly where I need to go to reclaim my power and agency over my life and my healing.

As I’ve worked with Alexa, I have found that the power and freedom I access in her sessions is beyond anything I have ever experienced in my prior journey work. Like taking a technicolor trip through the realms of the Universe, the places I have traveled in these sessions have filled my heart with joy, peace, illumination and inspiration. These journeys are not only an unparalleled adventure, but as time goes on I find the pieces I have gathered in each one all come closer and closer together, forming a picture of wholeness, empowerment, and deep inner peace.

As a facilitator of womxn’s circle-based programs, I have worked intimately with Alexa both as a masterful guardian and space-holder and as a hypnosis journey facilitator. Alexa is incredibly adept at reading a room and anyone in it and can tap into the present energies and undercurrents with ease. She has an uncanny ability to know exactly what is needed at any given time and to present it in a way that can be received or acted upon as appropriate.

Alexa’s capacity to hold a group and even facilitate group journeys is astounding and phenomenal. I have watched her walk into a room and create a sense of total grounding and safety with the turn of a phrase. I have watched her lull an entire group of womxn into a trance by uttering a simple set of suggestions. Alexa has an uncanny ability to speak what is already present in your mind and to quickly bring you exactly where you need to go to access your own power to heal. I have witnessed her do this with entire groups, seamlessly leading everyone where they need to go, with ease and effortlessness.

As an expert facilitator and fantastically skillful and solid spaceholder, you will never meet anyone more capable, confident or solid than Alexa

Hether Lhusky

Facilitator of womxn’s circle-based programs

As a spiritual student at heart, I have worked with many facilitators for decades, and Alexa is one of the most talented and intuitive I have ever experienced. Her ability to consistently read and guide the classroom or group, even through zoom, is unsurpassed. She will notice the slightest shift in energy and step forward to make sure all are comfortable, understood, and concerns are addressed. And her group grounding and sacred container setting is absolutely divine! It feels as if she is speaking to each of us individually, speaking our internal language, conveying a sense of safety and community. When Alexa teaches, she paints a vivid picture with her words, combining her years of knowledge and personal experience in a way that engages all of the senses, allowing her students to truly embody the learning. There is so much more I want to learn from her and I can’t wait to find out what she is teaching next!

 As a client of hypnosis, I feel incredibly safe, understood, and at ease with Alexa holding space for me and guiding me through my process. Her command of extensive and varied alchemical protocols is outstanding, allowing her the fluidity to bend and flow seamlessly into the wild places my subconscious may take us. Her caring and heart-centered manner and her expression of healthy boundaries make the space for me to be safely vulnerable, authentic and free, and that is a space of true healing.

Robin Lander CHT, MIM

Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Intuition Medicine R, Aromatherapy