Relationship Alchemy

“As within so without”

We have a relationship with literally everything and everyone we come in contact with. Whether through conversation, collaboration or just in observing, we are constantly relating in order to navigate this human experience. Being a holistic being means, having awareness of past, present and future, all being intertwined in one complex soul energy, we call the higher Self. 

Having good relationships is the foundation of humanity. We have to survive. We also have to  survive these relationships. From our first breath to our last we are constantly in relation to everything.

We have to learn to get along in our family, have our family love and like us to ensure the survival of our person.

We have to come up with techniques and practices that facilitate this. 

Building good relationships takes skill. Knowing how to be socially accepted to survive growing up in schools and college and the workplace can be trying and painful throughout. If your relationships are not supportive or nurturing, as with so many, the belief grows within you that everyone is just out for themselves.

Most of us had no support in learning that, due to the programming our parents received and passed onto us. Negative core beliefs and complexes are the result of failed human relationships. 

This trauma can establish a system of learned behaviors and responses that lead you toward a self-destructive, emotionally derailed lifestyle that further damages our relate-ability.

Understanding your relationship with all things around you includes the awareness that you also build relationships around ideas and scenarios, based on our memories of them. When present circumstances remind us of past experiences, the way we respond to the moment at hand is greatly influenced by what our experience has taught us. When confronted with scenarios that trigger negative responses, without an event we can consciously recall, it is possible that we are experiencing a memory from a previous lifetime that caused unresolved trauma; leaving us with a negative predisposition towards similar events or people. Since these dormant memories continue to affect us in this lifetime, our inner work depends on our ability to heal our relationship with this karma. 

My work of relationship alchemy is based on the possibility of past lives and the belief that our soul is indeed eternal. 

That we merely change the body we are in, through different life cycles, in order to live out all the ways creation wants to express itself through our unique experience, as Peter, Amber or whatever your name is in this lifetime.

Feeling connected to all and being in love with things requires a vast understanding of your relationship with yourself. Loving yourself first and foremost is the biggest task.

Soul alchemy in the context of relationships is the Key to achieving sustainability in your community, which makes being part of the collective more harmonious for all and leads to more successful relationships.

Relationship alchemy looks at all of your multiplicities, creating a comprehensive alchemical blueprint integrating  past present and future.

From understanding your relations to your inner child, past life personas, your current family and love relationships, the relationship to your children, co workers and friends, all of them are drastically improved and become more harmonious.

Through your inner work the curing of your soul sickness is possible.

Through distillation of your complex human formula; separating your authentic voices from destructive learned behavior, a manageable, integrated and holistic being version of you, in flow with your natural cycles and currents, is possible. Living fully expressed in joy and love.

Distillation in alchemy is the process of breaking down what we once may have thought of as your Self, as a singular entity, into several different modalities of expression some recognize as ‘personas’, then further clarifying these gems from the self-contradictory messaging absorbed from the world around you.

Once you have a clear and clean channel to your inner archetypes, free from external suggestion, you are able to reassemble and reassign these parts of your Self to roles in your daily life that play to their strengths. What follows is abundant confirmation of your ability to attract and manifest exactly what you want, the precise navigation of your united will.

Your inner world contains a large spectrum of archetypal entities, making up your inner architecture and hierarchies. 

Every person has a spectrum of character attributes in varying degrees of visibility. As explored by the distillation process, our work breaks down the idea that individuals are identified by one or a couple primary attributes, followed by unremarkable percentages of all other characteristics, and instead recognizes that each of us has within us a multitude of paragons who excel in their one area of expertise, like leadership, conflict resolution, musicality, even laziness, cynicism, greed. Instead of believing that any of us are strong or weak, good or bad, at any one moment, we recognize that in those moments certain archetypes are appearing closer to the forefront of our consciousness and taking the lead. Once we can recognize the unique blueprint and hierarchies our archetypes follow and can continually choose harmonious modalities for these archetypes to be expressed through, we will witness consistently positive outcomes.

Having all the fragmented pieces of your inner architecture aligned, witnessed and in alliance with your higher purpose, rebirths you to your highest creative ability and sustained vitality.

Whether we are aware of it or not, relationships are at the foundation of all the work we do. Healthier relationships produce happier outcomes, and healthy relationships are created from deliberate manifestations. That is what Relationship Alchemy is. It is the process of knowledge and ownership of your inner infrastructure and the ability to offer strategic alliances with others so honorably, those who witness you are compelled to see mutual benefit. Relationship Alchemy teaches you to be fluent in a universal language: recognition. Every person’s archetypes want to be recognized; learning how to recognize yours will allow you to grant that same recognition to your external relations. You manifest successfully because having harmony with yourself allows you to lead with true integrity and benevolence.

This is why relationship alchemy is essential to everyone