Observations of a Soul Alchemist

In the last year or so, I have observed a significant shift in the way trauma resolution is happening in Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions, based on my personal experience in facilitating and observing student during training sessions and also client sessions. After reviewing my notes, I have come to appreciate the shift towards a more soul-centered and solution-focused approach to healing. This newfound understanding has strengthened my belief in the collective power of the Soul and has motivated me to adjust the way future sessions are facilitated for upcoming generations of Soul Alchemists

The tendency of humanity to retaliate and seek revenge when harm is inflicted upon us has been well-documented throughout history. This behavior, whether conscious or unconscious, is rooted in our own wounds and those of our ancestors. As a result, the cycle of violence and oppression has persisted for eons.

Part of the purpose of therapy sessions is to address past childhood traumas and emotional wounds, including birth trauma, inadequate nurturing, and events that shaped our beliefs. We also focus on somatic healing to uncover messages stored in the body from these experiences. Additionally, we delve into past life traumas and karmic connections.

This type of emotional clearing is crucial for freeing the soul from accumulated negative feelings and memories inherited down the generations and is used to address our clients’ issues, be they emotional, physical, or spiritual. The process helps us release our rational mind and emotional body from triggers and false fears that once served as protection, but now hinder our relationships and prevent us from finding clarity, peace, and good health.

By healing our personal wounds and fractures of Self and Soul, we also promote healing for the collective and our family lineage.

The shift in global energy is palpable, with people feeling the change.

A growing recognition of cyclical patterns is awakening the shamanic archetype within each individual, which is inherent in our collective. This does not make us shamans, but rather reflects a profound healing crisis in humanity that is leading us towards a more evolved approach to healing through love and compassion. It is a call to action for many of us to better understand ourselves, including our past, present, and future

There is a deepening appreciation for compassion and forgiveness, as the energy shifts allow us to comprehend overlapping timelines and the reality of past lives and even the possibility of the multiverse.

As human evolution and spiritual awareness progress, our understanding of love and compassion improves. Those who pay attention to the earth’s frequency and cycles can see that this change in our ability to process trauma is a sign of our evolution. By becoming aware of the circumstances of their suffering and the karmic agreements made in their unconscious state during trance sessions, individuals are undergoing profound transformation.

In our sessions, we uncover key information that reveals our role and the role of others in traumatic events, past and present.

Through emotional release, the frequency of our sessions with clients has changed. Although our alchemical hypnotherapy protocols provide options for punishing perpetrators, such as sending them to a reformatory hell realm or prison, many clients choose a different approach.

For instance, some clients opt to transmute the perpetrator’s negative energy through benevolent means, instead of returning it to its source. While returning the negativity to its source is an essential aspect of alchemical healing and may be appropriate in certain cases, some experiences are so traumatic that the only option for the client is to condemn the perpetrator to their own suffering. The client has the freedom to choose what they feel is best. Regardless of their choice, it is important to validate the inner child’s choices. In cases of child sexual abuse, sending the offender to a reformatory hell realm remains a viable option for the client, as it allows them to protect their child, reclaim their power, and find closure through emotional expression and appropriate punishment.

I observe that many clients desire to bring about a positive outcome for the soul that has caused them harm. After gaining an understanding of what led their perpetrator to behave badly, sessions often don’t end without the client expressing a desire to fully complete their healing journey by making this request.

In these situations, this provides a valuable opportunity for a more ceremonial healing approach. When the client is given the choice between a benevolent outcome for everyone involved or a more forceful retribution for perpetrators, they often choose the benevolent path. The client is able to fully express their feelings as both the adult self and the child or young person. Through deep reflection and guidance from their Higher Self and skilled facilitation, the client can craft a way to restore balance to their body and soul. This healing ceremony can address various aspects of the client’s adult self and the child self that was rescued throughout the journey.

As we gain insight into our own Self and Soul, we also gain empathy for others and their experiences, enabling us to freely and generously extend love and compassion. This shift from healing to simply embodying a frequency of love is a reclaiming of our innate nature.By  gaining an understanding of the unconscious mind’s knowledge, we can see how love and compassion can shape the way society moves forward in harmony.

My experience in conducting sessions and teaching alchemical hypnotherapy has solidified my faith in the increase of the love frequency and the possibility of living an authentic, ecstatic life with integrity for those who choose to participate in our collective journey on Mother Earth.