Mercury Poisoning – My Call to Soul Alchemy

“I found my way to alchemy through my battle with Mercury itself”

From the perspective of alchemy, Mercury is considered the Spirit of all matter. It defines the material shape and form of all things and is derived from the belief that all matter created in the universe comes from the Divine Feminine and Masculine principles of Spirit and Form. Symbolically, Mercury represents the Feminine Principle (Spirit/Passive) of the universe and the Masculine Principle (Form/Active) is represented by Sulfur. Across all the multifaceted words within Alchemy, Mercury remains the most commonly misunderstood. Today, we use the term Mercury to refer to the metal, the planet, and the Roman deity, and in all its forms it is characterised by the ability to change quickly.

Once called Quicksilver, ancient Alchemists were convinced that, as Mercury transcended both the solid and liquid states, it represented the ability to transcend both earth and heaven, life and death. Mercury gets its name from the Roman God Mercury – an interpretation of the Greek God Hermes, who was known for rapid movement, the translatability of language and communication – a fundamental characteristic of its use in Alchemy. As such it forms the basis of what is known as Hermetic Alchemy. The deity, and its planetary counterpart, are also known as tricksters, who do not always play a benevolent role when handled incorrectly. As such, even in common dialogue we identify the erratic, volatile, and changeable nature of things and people as Mercurial.

 Whereas most metals need to be superheated in order to transition from solid to liquid, Mercury remains in a liquid state at room temperature and becomes a solid only at extremely low temperatures (-38 degrees celsius). However, it was discovered that when combined with other metals such as copper, tin, and silver, mercury would remain solid at higher temperatures – which led to the widespread belief that mercury could be safe to use in internal medicine like dentistry. Recent studies have shown that, unfortunately for millions of dental patients, this supposed safe usage could still lead to mercury leaking into the human bloodstream through the teeth and gums, causing distress to the organs and lymph system. 

To have Mercury itself poisoning a body offers a unique alchemical challenge. Western medicine says that the condition is incurable, but Alchemy offers a different diagnosis. From the symbology of Alchemy, the alchemist poisoned with Mercury is challenged to understand how the inability to transmute obstacles or conflicts in her life is what manifests the condition, and invites her to channel these deific references and principles to guide her back to health.

 “It should be known that the life of things is none other than a spiritual thing” Paracelsus

Finding that mercury is an energy, a substance, a planet and all the other different things that make Mercury relevant in the Alchemical process is therefore deeply relevant in my story of curing myself from mercury poisoning. I never really fully understood it, until Mercury was literally streaming through my body, giving me a full picture of its potency.

Mercury nearly killed me. I fell into a hell pit of dis-ease through mercury poisoning occasioned by poor dental work removing my old mercury fillings from childhood. It is so ironic that I had this work done precisely to avoid this very mercury poisoning from happening!

The problem with mercury poisoning is that most western medical doctors can only detect it when it’s in the bloodstream. Unfortunately when it’s got that bad it is almost too late and will already be damaging the lymphatic system. The body also starts to make fat to try and protect the vital organs from the toxicity.

Not that I knew this at the time. All I knew was that no matter what I ate, I gained weight. I also felt like one big bruise. Even hugs were painful. My complexion was grey and without the glow of life. I looked like a walking corpse. Looking back at pictures of myself from that time, I am appalled at what this kind of problem can do to a body, to a mind and to a spirit.

Synchronicity and alchemy are happy bed fellows, and I discovered what was going on with when my parents next-door-neighbour, a woman who was maybe 15 years older than me, was diagnosed with mercury poisoning from a lot of dental work. I instantly recognised my own symptoms but I was not sure of the cause in my case. She was having to wear special stockings to stop her legs swelling as her lymph system protested at the toxicity. Her thyroid function was in a bad way and her hair was thinning rapidly. She was spending a fortune on medical bills trying to rid her system of the heavy metal poisoning, despite being told that ‘technically’ it’s not possible to remove mercury from your system.

I was a passionate dancer and movement lover and had never experienced such a lack of drive or flexibility. I was bloated and in pain, with the slightest touch making even the lightest of massages absolute agony, I was nearly losing my mind. I had no intention of surrendering to this situation and becoming a lifelong patient of the medical industry.

I had to make a choice.

As I left the doctor’s office in despair, I was determined that I would not give in to the life sentence that he had pronounced and was surprised at the power of my inner knowing that there was another solution. I was surprised at the inner conviction I had that there was a way through despite the dire prognosis that no one could defeat Almighty Mercury.

Kinaesthetic medicine was the first step in confirming the mercury poisoning and I went to see a holistic healer. We made a plan of natural supplements to discharge Mercury from my system. The practitioner educated me in the discharge of mercury based on holistic medicines without side effects.

Chlorella, cilantro, spirulina, green grasses, all would help remove these toxicities out of my brain tissue and inner organs. My lymphatic system would be supported in the necessary slow drainage of the toxins. I realised that it was not my tattoos that had caused the problem but the replacement of amalgam fillings from childhood with the attendant leakage of toxic gases into my body.

It was going to be a challenge turning my back on traditional medicine and trusting a healer, but I believe in magic and turning base Lead into Gold is the story of Alchemy. For my physical being that meant soul alchemy, turning dis-ease into ease and well being in this body. I had nothing to lose.

The next step was to find a healer that worked with my whole being all the way to my soul level. I found a woman that dealt with the chakra system and the subtle energies that make up our spirit body and that links our suffering to the causal plane.

With her help I embarked on the journey of self-healing. Watching her operate, by looking at my whole entire being from all the different levels, she showed me very quickly in the most beautiful, nurturing way that there was indeed an end to my suffering.  I gained hope that by taking the supplements and doing the necessary inner soul alchemy, I would rid my body of mercury and return to being healthy and living my life with joy. I also knew that I would be able to use my story to show people just how powerful the work of self-healing is.

As well as taking many supplements morning, noon and night, I also explored the causal plane root of the poisoning. It was sobering to discover that there was a soul cause for the problem and that I had been spending my time in the wrong direction. I was being led on a journey to delve deeply into the mystical meaning of Mercury and its symbolic significance as well as its ‘ordinary world’ toxicity. It had a profound meaning for me.

It took five years to thoroughly restore my vital energy, just as the healer had predicted.

My journey with Mercury brought me deeper and deeper into alchemical texts and eventually led me to Alchemical hypnosis.

“Know thyself” is another fundamental statement reflecting the esoteric and holistic arts.  It is through expanding one’s inner knowing that you can deepen the level of awareness needed to effect the inner changes that bring about outer healing.  After doing several workshops on somatic healing and finding my inner healer archetype, I understood very quickly who was in charge. It was the key to my healing and gave me access to understanding exactly why I was where I was. This kind of recognition is very hard to put into words, it is a ‘felt’ experience but none the less powerful for that! There is a magical moment of breakthrough when you realise exactly what limiting thought, belief or past trauma (or even past life) is at the source of your dis-ease and that you can choose something different with the help of your inner resources.

Now after years of intense training and practical application, I am thriving in my work and my health is constantly improving.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves. The starting point is to take responsibility and accountability for our own health, and not giving in to the suggestion that healing is not possible, or is in the hands of anyone other than ourselves. It takes critical thinking and being willing to look at ourselves from all levels, sides and perspectives and to recognise that we are a Spirit in a body temple. This body temple is a holy site, a sanctuary. The soul guides the body through this lifetime and presents choices to us.

Soul alchemy put me in touch with my highest Self which then led to the discovery of my purpose and path on this earth. Turning my sickness into health, turning my lead into gold, into a beautiful remembrance of who I am on all these levels. Together with some other mentors and teachers, I distilled down the message of who I really am and what I’m here to do.  Being able to trace my healer lineage through several individuals, including Native American teachers, has truly had the most profound effect on me and provided sense and context with the All.

It is my heart’s desire to share this gift with anyone that’s interested in changing their perspective, reframing negative core beliefs and healing their body from the inside out. I help you to creating your own inner sanctuary with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in charge of your own destiny.

Finding that inner peace through alchemizing possibilities means you can not only turn the clock back in your life, but also slow down time to a non linear experience. Slowing down your experience of life just enough to become more present with yourself, is the first step in the whole foundation of my work of relationship alchemy.

Thank you Mercury for being the epic titan messenger you have been for aeons.

I salute myself for taking that leap and invite you to join in the conscious self healing journey by collaborating with me through the work I offer.