Archetypal You Cards

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An Embodiment Experience

Archetypal You is a four hour circle experience into the world of archetypes.

Exploration and discovery at the center, we will dive into our inner world and discover some of them.

A peek into yourself, to retrieve a felt sense of this inner architecture.

Based on 12 archetypes to choose from we use a divination tool of cards much like a tarot card reading.

 This class is a invitation to play with these characters in you, as a first step to understand how you can make them work for you as you look at the cards  and read from the book  I have created for my clients.

Here is a example of which archetypes of mine created this game and circle experience


The “Artist Archetype” channeled:

“ Art is a healing bridge between the body and the mind”

 As a visual artist I created these images to stimulate imagination and self expression. To feel and be the representation of a specific archetype. A embodiment practice, with images to last a life time. Each archetype received a channelled poem in synchronicity with the archetype.


The “Healer Archetype” channeled:

“ Nurturing your imagination, reveals many paths to healing”

As a alchemical Hypnotherapist and trance journey facilitator I have combined this discovery game and journey to offer a kinaesthetic experience with magical consequences.