Courtship Alchemy

Courtship Alchemy – Alchemy for romantic partnerships 

As part of my ongoing growth as a practicing soul alchemist I am offering the alchemical process for multiple hearts, romantic relationships, partners, lovers or whatever intimate relationship constellation is right for you. Spirit doesn’t discriminate and neither do I. 

Love is my life’s work and understanding of it. How it works for me and how it works for others.

I have gained much integrated wisdom  through my own relationship experiences and also from observing and processing my clients. Clearly a joint process between multiple hearts is only possible and worth the time and effort if both partners are aware and understand the amount of commitment to bring to such deep couples work. Some barely manage their own inner work let alone the work it takes to have a lasting and thriving relationship on all levels with another human being.  In my world the planes are the physical, emotional, intellectual and the spiritual plane. Those who sense the worth of such an endeavor often find themselves greatly rewarded when they find themself in harmony within themselves and their intimate relationship.

Love then becomes fearless and ecstatic in its expression, emanating love into the collective and inspiring others to dare to love fearless and sustainable as well. This work is raising the frequency of love on this planet. Having loved and being loved is a great legacy that I can support leaving behind and striving for.

My desire to help people achieve this Gold has shaped the offering of Courtship Alchemy. The alchemical wedding and the joining of integrated hearts is the soul center of this offering.

All romantic relationships could be ongoing courtships. A dance in pursuit of worthy reflection.

Courtships shouldn’t end. We don’t just have to fall into a relationship, we have the magic to deliberately craft it with alchemy.

Courtship Alchemy would be the relationship alchemy that keeps couples in pursuit and choice of each other. Holding continued interest in your partner(s)  story and basic feeling of safety provides space for harmony and grounded openness.

In the beginning of a  courtship people try to woo the other person and get to know them to see if a commitment to the union is possible and mutual.

Over time many couples lose interest in each other. Projections fade and chemistry wears off. “How did we get here?” is often asked in the state when couples become conscious of their stagnant or decaying love. In some cases it might just be one partner that has a need for more connection, intimacy, safety or time spent together. That wanting and needing that goes unanswered even if it gets expressed, often results in a partner that takes the role of the martyr or simply the disgruntled spouse. If we want to maintain the fire burning between our partner and ourselves, we must keep on choosing them. Spending time thinking of them and how we can enhance their experience here without the codependency some people also fall into when the relationship is out of balance.

Imagine partners choose each other and continue to pursue the other with their support and attention. When people feel chosen and safe they experience a reflection that being who they are is enough. The dance is easier when partners are in the flow they discover during conscious coupling. The blending of the masculine and feminine energy within each person fully embodied and integrated, allows owning and wielding one’s personal power with responsibility and benevolence. Understanding and compassion for both energies  that reside in each of us brings  grace and ease to the chosen relationship.

This state of harmony requires commitment and dedication to the common space between the lovers. The inner work it takes for the individual and the couple together requires commitment also. Common space is physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual space. We have to come to an understanding of these spaces for our own and our partners sake. Becoming a master of these spaces creates bold and healthy boundaries and confidence between hearts.

Everything has a price. In a cause and effect world we know that our behavior affects others and so we must take responsibility for how we affect the collective with our actions and energy. In romantic relationships that gets somewhat amplified. Our partner is closest to our moods and actions and often absorbs these energetic toxins. 

Without process, over time, this can cause slow brewing resentment and disconnect. Even turn partners off to what was once a stimulation, pull or call for intimacy.

Shutting each other out is another death sentence for a relationship and alchemy can help with that. If both partners have their will united, which is essential for any process to work, they can really move things into a place of great ectatic love with each other. Witnessing without judgment, pure curiosity, lovingly supporting each other, trusting the loving facilitation of the alchemical process and spirit to guide the way. 

If you are interested in this work and have relationships that collectively want to brave this path feel free to inquire for more information about Courtship Alchemy