Archetypal You Circle

An Embodiment Experience

Archetypal You is a four hour circle experience into the world of archetypes.

Exploration and discovery at the center, we will dive into our inner world and discover some of them.

A peek into yourself, to retrieve a felt sense of this inner architecture.

Based on 12 archetypes to choose from we use a divination tool of cards much like a tarot card reading.

 This class is a invitation to play with these characters in you, as a first step to understand how you can make them work for you as you look at the cards  and read from the book  I have created for my clients.

Purpose of the Circle

This is a sacred circle experience to deepen your relationship with your divine Self as you dance your life, being in full charge of your being. In your authentic truth and in joy over who you are.

Having all your archetypes in full alignment will make that possible.

 This circle is an opportunity to take one step deeper into your inner world, closer to understanding your archetypal hierarchies.

There is so many possibilities where to go from here, Inspiration to express yourself more freely and boldly.

  •  nothing is more healing then understanding yourself
  • a beautiful colorful journey


Who is this Circle for?

This class is for whoever is curious what archetypes are about and can feel like in your body.

If you enjoy artwork as a healing tool, both as artist and or lover of art, inspiration and traveling through your inner landscapes, this class is for you.

If you are looking to find connection with other curious seekers this class is for you.

If you want to find new ways to navigate your self or your clients this class is for you.

The images we will be using are female. Although archetypes are not gender bound and both man and woman carry the same archetypes in there inner architecture.

  • nothing is more healing then understanding yourself
  • a beautiful colorful journey


Buy the Cards!


Only $44 or $33 if you book for the Archetypal You Circle

Here is a example of which archetypes of mine created this game and circle experience


The “Artist Archetype” channeled:

“ Art is a healing bridge between the body and the mind”

 As a visual artist I created these images to stimulate imagination and self expression. To feel and be the representation of a specific archetype. A embodiment practice, with images to last a life time. Each archetype received a channelled poem in synchronicity with the archetype.


The “Healer Archetype” channeled:

“ Nurturing your imagination, reveals many paths to healing”

As a alchemical Hypnotherapist and trance journey facilitator I have combined this discovery game and journey to offer a kinaesthetic experience with magical consequences.