Alchemical Hypnotherapy

In all alchemical sessions we establish trust and safety first. After an interview and setting an intention we follow the maximum relaxation into a light trance state. (Alert trance state). In this state we get straight past the analytical part of your conscious mind and drop as deep as you decide to go into the unconscious mind. Your truth lives here. This is the workspace for our process of alchemy. We will know what spirit has in store when we get there. From here the sessions can include several different alchemical techniques to facilitate shift. You will have a chance to discover your whole inner world architecture of archetypal energies that will be harmonized. Whether it is a spirit guide or an ancestor that comes through, sessions often include several alchemical techniques such as, childhood rescues, regression work and somatic healing to cleanse and restore parts of your physical body as well as transmuting root causes of issues on the causal plane. That might include karmic cleansing and contract re-working from past lives.  All traumas stored in your physical body can be cleared. 

This type of hypnosis is interactive and collaborative.You are in full control. This is about your empowerment and healing.

All alchemical sessions have a profound impact on your life. Even things that feel subtle can cause major shifts for you. All finding of “Gold” in the sessions depends on your readiness and Will to do your work. 

Spirit really runs the show. I am merely a conduit for this communication between your guides, multiplicities and your Higher Self.


20 min FREE match call

In these 20 min we can see if we are a match and be able to co-create your unique alchemical journey.

Or perhaps you just want to see if Alchemy is for you.

Student Session

This is for students in training to become Alchemical Hypnosis practitioners, who are required to have 2 sessions to be certified.

Reduced rate of $150 for max. 2h

Alchemical Tarot Session

We bring the power of the Tarot and blend it with transformative Alchemy to tune into ourselves and discover what lies deep in the cards. We can receive confirmation through our spread of cards, as well as answer important life questions. We can find new directions and  also ‘divine’ new possibilities available to us if we do our inner work.

Tarot Session $100 for max 1h


Client Session

Undivided attention on you and your needs.

This session includes a thorough interview. This makes sure we have all the important pieces to go into your inner world.   

After an interactive process we come to completion and full circle with the intention we had set together. We follow with a brief feedback discussion and then you go on integrating the session until we meet again.

Expect magical consequences.

Client session rate is $200 for max 2h.

Gold hour with Alexa

One potent hour of 1:1 alchemy

The attention is on you and we will have a rapid processing session, leaving  you confident and inspired.

This is for students in training to become Alchemical Hypnosis practitioners, as well as colleges and persons in the healing arts that need their own process.

Gold Hour Fee: $100

Spectrum of Possibilities with Alchemy

“I could go on forever!”

Retrieve Your Magical Inner Child

In this session we can perform miracles through saving your inner child from the pain of the past. With emotional clearing and gentle viewing we can shift your pain. Whether it’s already manifested into physical dis-ease such as chronic illness, complexes or bad habits, we can help you to shift through transmutation to a place you can be at ease, without fear and out of pain.  Ease and joy should be a child’s life. This restoration is entirely possible with Alchemy.

Journey To Love

Meet your Inner Mate – an archetypal inner world resource. This inner guide and companion can help you feel less lonely and more held within.

This inner guide brings us better relationships in the outer world by strengthening us from the inside and supporting us to love our Self. It helps establish boundaries and assistance in partner choices and coupling in general.

During an uncoupling the inner mate is a wonderful nurturing energy that makes an ending relationship less horrible for those that suffer during separations. 

Womb Talk

Sessions on baby readiness and parenting readiness. Explore any questions regarding your birth or birthing and gain clarity on major life decisions around birthing, partnering and flow through a easful pregnancy and birth.

Alchemy can answer questions as well as prepare you for a glorious alchemical birth. These sessions empower you and call on the strengths you need during this time, whatever you are working on in terms of birth, actual birth or even thoughts on terminating your pregnancy.

This is a judgment free container for your unfolding and growth.

Chronic pain and illness

I can not diagnose or cure your illness and injury. However I can help you understand the circumstances surrounding your conditions and the causal plane root for it.  As we work with your subconscious we are able to use a variety of techniques to regain your vitality and create solutions for your pain. In some cases miracles happen. Depending on your own Will and intention you can improve and restore yourself to a holistic being free of pain and the trauma from the past.

Weight loss and other food related issues

Here you can learn about yourself and what has facilitated your issues with food and health. Whether it’s from early childhood or a recent shift you notice about your relationship to your weight and food. These sessions restore our inner healing resources and help us take better care of our Self.

Enhancing your talents and discovering new ones

Would like to access and enhance your creative abilities.

Are you an artist, musician, writer, actor or sports lover? We can up your game and improve your already existing skill sets, by discovering the archetypal frequency of that  inner “creator of your desired craft”.

With these sessions we can also remove blocks for writing and creating in general. Perhaps being so talented wasn’t safe in the past? Or you might feel a strong life long desire for an instrument and we find out you once were a player in a past life. That discovery can lead to inner support for your desired craft, assign you the help you need, to call on this power anytime you need it to fuel your newly discovered “CreatorMind”. It can be an upgrade in your skill levels or a straight up activation of a creative skill for the first time.Your clean canvas of life awaits your expression.

Higher Self counsel court

Ascend into the realms of your higher Self  council. Find out your destiny. Perhaps your preconception contract? Why am I here? It is a common question.Do you have karmic debt you need to atone for? Could something be in the way of your goals? What could it be? Hear it straight from the place of your origin and highest good. The place you know to be benevolent and in your favor. Your Soul council will reveal much helpful data for your Quest, whatever it may be.

Relationship Harmonizing & Conscious Uncoupling

In this space we can examine your relationship with yourself, check your time line’s for contracts you may have made in the past and see if there is karmic debt. We then look into the alchemy needed between you and your partner.

We will explore what you need within you to create a state or harmony and union , where love can thrive and move freely. This work works on all relationships of any kind. Not just the romantic ones.

Death and Dying - the Journey HOME

Take the fear out of dealing with death. Learn to see death for the initiation that it really is. Practice and prepare for your own journey HOME, or that of loved ones. These sessions are for individuals or families that are facing the death of a loved one. Help your loved ones to  help you let go and be at peace with their initiation. In times of dying much love and support is needed for all involved. 

Find out how you or someone else can transition with ease, resolve and choice. Help your family get through one of the hardest times in people’s life. This work ensures that there will be no guilt, blame or shame left, amends will be made and peace restored to the ones that are staying here till their time comes. 

Adoption Spectrum

Find clarity around adoption situations, whether you are a adopted or an adopting parent or a birth mother.

Questions can be answered with Alchemy. Many wounds and hearts can be healed with the alchemical approach, even closed adoptions provide much unanswered material. We need to shed much needed light on adoption issues and expose some of the ways it has created pain for you.

Smoking and other addictions

Alchemy lends a great hand in finding out the underlying causes for your habits and addictions. Almost everyone has something they use to cope with present stressors and triggers. By shedding light on your specific circumstances, you can rewrite your script and become free of the compulsions that drive you to your habit of choice that no longer supports you in your now.

Accidents and injury

Whether you just received an injury, had an accident or are suffering from chronic pain due to a past event, somatic healing is the alchemical solution here. Finding the causal plane reason why this accident and injury came into your life at the moment of occurrence. Accident replay regression can provide context to help release tension, restore  feeling and regain mobility in many cases. Miracles have happened through somatic healing during these sessions. Often the body tells us what it remembers and that can lead to a whole thread of awareness of health concerns that have accumulated and are causing chronic pain.

Your Spirit Team

Your HigherSelf assigned support posse from the astral realms and beyond.

In these high potency sessions we travel into the upper realms to discover your many spirit guides, animals, ancestors, helpers, inner family energies and archetypes. As we grow our inner architecture we feel more and more held within our Self. When you are safely and magically bonded with your guides, you are never alone again. There is a possibility of living in full bliss and joy based on these guides that are wanting to make things easier for you and your human flow. They want to uplift you and aid your human condition. However they will only be engaged if you call them forward and invite them to your conscious living. These archetypes can really make life more beautiful and peaceful. 

Happy womb journey

With this session we have the opportunity to regress back to pre birth and find out what kind of birth trauma might have had a severe consequence for your life. If Mom was not ready or had drug problems, perhaps she never wanted to have a baby at the time of your conception. Finding out circumstances surrounding your birth can bring great relief and improved health as well.

In this session we can choose to be born from the healthy and willing womb of a new inner mother archetype. It is a kinesthetic journey of rebirthing with restorative after effects.