Relationship Alchemy

Welcome to the Soul Alchemy Laboratory

“As within so without”

Discover how to powerfully develop and manage your relationship with yourself, with others and with the world.

Relationships are the foundation of our humanity. We are constantly relating in order to navigate our human experience and are in relationship with literally everyone and everything we come in contact with. Our fulfillment and happiness depends on our ability to develop and maintain good relationships regardless of circumstances.


“This work has magical consequences”

– Alexa


Alchemical Hypnotherapy

What do you dream of?

What do you desire?

What do you wish for?

The inner journey through alchemical hypnotherapy allows you to more deeply connect with your true self and your own innate ability to self heal. It helps you to unlock traumas and blockages, providing better understanding of patterns from which you suffer.

It is from this place that you are able to release them and experience more balance, self love, health and inner peace.

These sessions provide deep relaxation. People typically experience clarity both during and after sessions. It is common to feel re – energized, relieved and unburdened. Reconnecting with your inner resources is the “Gold” we find on this alchemical journey. This is your innate ability to cure your SELF.

“Alchemy, the masters teach, is the process of linking the spiritual to the material. The alchemist is the bridge between the worlds. It is a process of working inside a mirror, knowing always that in the end, the part will reflect the whole. As inside, so outside.”

-Thomas Lloyd Qualls, Painted Oxen


Archetypal You

A set of cards for divination and self exploration.

As a visual artist I created these images to stimulate imagination and self expression: to feel and be the representation of a specific archetype and faciliate a discovery game that has magical consequences. Each archetype received a channelled poem in synchronicity with the archetype.

This is an embodiment practice, with images that last a life time. This is a sacred experience to deepen your relationship with your divine Self as you dance your life, being in full charge of your being, in your authentic truth and in joy over who you are. Having all your archetypes in full alignment makes that possible. This is an opportunity to take one step deeper into your inner world.